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Invisalign helps correct the position of your teeth in the most discreet way – with INVISALIGN, the most popular transparent splint system.


Invisalign – Explanation

Invisalign Clear Aligners
Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign, also called clear aligners invisible aligners, are an alternative to traditional braces and are designed to help guide teeth into their proper position. Invisalign trays are custom-built for every patient, depending on the severity of teeth misalignment (malocclusion).

Invisalign – Treatable cases

Invisalign is the best solution for the cases
Invisalign is the best solution for the cases
  • Overbites — when the upper front teeth overlap with the lower front teeth
  • Underbites — when the lower front teeth overlap with the upper front teeth
  • Misaligned Primary (Baby) Teeth — clear aligners can be used during phase I orthodontic treatment to make room for existing baby teeth and developing permanent teeth. Children between 6 and 10 years of age are candidates for this treatment.
  • Open Bites — when the front upper and lower teeth slant outward and do not touch when the mouth is shut. This is a very rare type of malocclusion.
  • Gap Teeth (Diastema) — when there are small or large gaps between the teeth
  • Crowded Teeth — when the teeth overlap


Invisalign – Main Benefits

Benefits Of Invisalign
Benefits Of Invisalign


A great benefit of Invisalign is that the trays are invisible. With Invisalign, you will not have to worry about anyone seeing the wires or brackets when you smile. This is because the trays are clear. It is a great option for teens and adults as they can smile confidently while straightening their teeth.



With the traditional orthodontic treatments such as braces, it can take a long time to straighten your teeth. With Invisalign, your treatment time can be shortened up to 50%.



In today’s world, everyone has a hectic routine. This means they don’t have the time to make frequent trips to the orthodontic office. In such a situation, Invisalign is the right choice. It will allow you spend less time at the orthodontist’s office. This is because they only need to be maintained after every 6 weeks. It also means that you will have fewer appointments.



Another benefit of Invisalign is that there are no food restrictions. You won’t have to avoid eating food that is too sticky or hard. You can eat anything you want. You will just have to remove your tray beforehand.



With Invisalign, you can even have better dental health. Having straight teeth is imperative for healthy gums and teeth. By reducing the gap, you can clean your teeth in a better way.


Invisalign treatment process at V-Trust Dental Clinic

Invisalign with dentist at V-Trust Dental
Invisalign with dentist at V-Trust Dental

Step 1: Have a consultation with your orthodontist

Step 2: Take X-ray

Step 3: Create a 3D image of your teeth by iTero Element scanner. Your doctor uses ClinCheck software to map out the path to your smile

Step 4: Start transforming your smile right from your strays

Step 5: Wear Vivera retainer

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