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If you want to have bright white teeth but do not want to use invasive methods such as dental crown, Teeth Whitening is the best solution for you. Today, V-Trust Dental will share with you about Whitening at the clinic and at home.

The international standard teeth whitening process at V-Trust dentistry

Teeth whitening with V-Trust Dentist
Teeth whitening with V-Trust Dentist

Step 1: Isolate the entire mucosa and lip

Step 2: Place the teeth whitening gel on teeth surface

Step 3: Use Laser light to activate the whitening process

Step 4: Whitening gel is removed completely

  • Whitening gel is absolutely not harmful for teeth
  • No pain, no burning sensation, no sharpening of teeth
  • Long-lasting whitening effect

Teeth whitening procedure at home

Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening

Step1: Examine and check before whitening

Step 2: Get the mock up

Step 3:Guidance

Step 4: Bleach teeth at home

Step 5: Re-examination

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